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Worried Residents Learn To Protect Themselves

The residents of Fullerton, CA have reached out to the Fullerton Police Department for training in self-defense against an armed assailant. Ever since the shooting in San Bernardino that happened in December, which left fourteen people dead and twenty two people wounded, local businesses and residents have been trying to get the police to start a training program for the community for situations such as these. In response to this request, the police department will be hosting Active Intruder Awareness Training sessions in the Community Center. The dates for these training sessions will be posted on their website as well as all of their social media pages. It is great that people are starting to be more aware of the dangers we face today and are trying to learn how to protect themselves. If everyone were to take this class and learn the basics of staying safe, then tragedies such as the one that happened in San Bernardino could be prevented or less people could have been killed and injured. The people of Fullerton are setting the example for everybody to follow in the country in order for us to stay as safe as possible in these troubling times. When communities work together as a whole, no one will be able to take away our safety and freedom.

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