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Fullerton Bail Bonds FAQs











What is a bail bond?


A bail bond is a contract between a bail bond agent and the client or defendant and is sometimes referred to as a surety bond. The bail agency will issue the bail bond and that will be secured by a promissory note.


What is the Interest rate on payment plans?


We do not charge any interest on any payment plan. You will be paying the same amount overall, but you will be paying them in payments over time.


Can I pay for the bail bond with a credit card?


Our bail bond agency accepts all major credit cards, cash, or a personal check. However, if it is hard for you to come up with the full bail amount, then we may be able to set up a payment plan for you.


What are misdemeanors?


Misdemeanors are any crimes that are considered less than a felony but greater than an infraction and they will come with a punishment much less than a felony.


What are felonies?


Felonies are any crimes that are considered greater than an infraction or misdemeanor and is commonly punished in the U.S. by imprisonment for more than a year.


How do I check if I qualify for a bail bond?


Normally we try to accept all of the bail bond applications we get. You will need to either visit the office or call us in order to get the application filled out. The paperwork will need to be signed by either you or the defendant, which says that the signee accepts full responsibility for the defendant to appear to court until the case is finished.


What should I do after missing my court date?


When you miss your court date, the court automatically issues a warrant for your arrest, but it is not the end of the world. Your bail bondsman will be able to get you the proper paperwork for you to get the warrant erased. Once you turn in the paperwork, the court will issue you a new court date for you to appear.


When will I receive my collateral back?


You will receive your collateral once all of your payments have been made or until the case is fully resolved. You will usually get your property back up to 14 days after it is resolved.


What exactly is considered collateral?


Any asset that holds some sort of value is considered collateral. We will hold the collateral for some payment plans and in some cases in order for us to complete the bail bond.


How much do bail bonds cost for Pomona jail?


The state law states that no one can be charged more or less than 10% of the full bail amount and if anybody tells you different then they are not telling you the truth. There are no other charges or fees for a bail bond.

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