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Fullerton approves update on affordable housing plan.

The Fullerton City Council approved a new housing and development plan on Tuesday to submit to the state before the April 1 deadline.

In order to address the housing crisis, the council had to provide the state with an updated report that would outline the city’s plan for a greater supply of safe housing for its residents.

During last week’s study session, Matt Foulkes, the city’s community and economic development director, said that while the city would not plan homes, it has the ability to plan and oversee where housing is built, who can live in it, what type of housing and what it would look like.

Foulkes said that this plan would not go into effect until the next cycle, after the end of this year, after Council Member Jesus Silva said he had some doubts over the council not being completely familiar with the plan.

Ken Domer, Fullerton’s city manager, also said that the state would extract information from the city’s Housing Element Report and make additional changes.

“The additional reporting requirements that are going to come in place, we have a housing consultant that we’re working with that’s going to make sure that we’re crossing every T and dotting every I,” Foulkes said.

The current Housing Element Report covers the years 2013-21, while the next one will cover 2021-29.

“Without knowing all the details, I can also assure you that if we need to be in compliance we will be,” Foulkes said.

The plan is an effort to offer affordable housing to families in need, as well as addressing unhoused individuals’ needs.

According to the report, the progress that the city has made on housing production must be presented in a public meeting to the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research as well as the State Department of Housing and Community Development by April 1.

The report provides information to the state surrounding the Regional Housing Needs Assessment, also known as the RHNA, which represents the number of housing units needed for various income categories.

According to the Housing Element Report, the projected housing demand will need to be met for the fifth cycle.

By the end of this year, the RHNA needs to meet a goal of 146 very low income units and 166 low income units, according to the Homeless Plan Committee, “Matrix.” The Housing Plan Committee also states that the “Matrix” was a city council effort to allow the city manager to create a committee that would focus on how to successfully implement affordable housing.

To provide safer and better housing spaces for unhoused individuals, the Emergency Shelter overlay zone, regulated by the City of Fullerton, will provide temporary housing for unhoused individuals, without being turned away due to costs. This will be considered as part of the Housing Game Plan once it is approved.

The city’s outreach organization has also collaborated with Foulkes and his team to conduct safety precaution measures in order to assist those experiencing homelessness.

The Fullerton Police have also engaged in training that resort to mental health, de-escalation and crisis intervention to properly assist homeless individuals.


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