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Woman Burned, Man Accused of Hash Oil lab Mishap

A woman suffered burns and a man is being searched for after an apparent mishap stemming from a hash oil lab near Fullerton Wednesday afternoon, according to investigators. The incident was first reported at about 1:45 p.m. as a possible assault after the woman showed up at a hospital with second-and third-degree burns on one of her arms; however, the injuries were not believed to be life-threatening. Police determined the woman had suffered burns in some sort of mishap at a small-scale lab used to concentrate marijuana into hash oil, or “honey oil,” the sergeant said. The injured woman’s boyfriend, who was also believed to have been present at the hash oil lab, had left the home and remains missing or one the run. Firefighters responded to the home but found no fire or smoldering, according to police. The incident took place one day after Fullerton police arrested a man and dismantled another alleged hash oil lab in another part of the city. The Marijuana business seems to be growing more and more every day and police are trying their hardest to find all of the illegal vendors in each city.

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