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Man Shot With Pellet Gun in Fullerton

Earlier this week on Tuesday, a man was riding his bike through a local park, in Fullerton, like he does every morning, but this time took a turn that he did not expect. As he was riding through the park, he felt a sharp pain and felt a BB hit him on the side. The shot caused him to fall off his pack and into a group of bushes along the trail. He immediately got up and saw a kid with a pellet gun, who kept shooting the man, causing him to run away. The teenager then came up to wear the man dropped his bike, picked it up and rode away with it. There weren’t that many people at the park at that time, so the kid got away before police could get there. The man suffered minor injuries and found out that the kid was using metal BBs, which left a lot of marks on his body. The police are still looking for the suspect and are asking for the publics help finding this kid.

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