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About The City Of Fullerton, CA

The beautiful city of Fullerton is home to the California State University of Fullerton, which means that the city has quite an eventful nightlife. This university is one of the highly esteemed California State ....


Universities. The residents of this city are also some of the kindest people you will meet in the region. The city is part of the Greater Los Angeles County and is locate just miles away from all of the nightlife in Downtown Los Angeles. Even with all of this activity in the city, Fullerton is one of the safest cities in the region thanks to its amazing police department.


The men and women of the Fullerton Police Department constantly patrol the city in order to find any potential dangers and to help a resident in need. The Police Department also provides the university with officers to make sure that the school is as safe as can be for all of its students.


The police also set up random checkpoints throughout the city to make sure that no one is driving under the influence, which makes the streets of the city much safer to drive in. So if you were planning on visiting this amazing city, it is definitely worth and you may want to move here after your visit.

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