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How Bail Bonds Work In Fullerton!


When someone is arrested in the city of Fullerton, they will usually be taken to the Fullerton Police Department, but it will also depend on which part of the city that the defendant was arrested. The Fullerton Police Department is located at 237 W Commonwealth Fullerton, CA 92832 and is where the defendant will be booked and processed.


Once the defendant arrives at the jail, an officer on duty will confiscate and record all of the defendant’s belongings and put them away for the remainder of the time that the defendant spends at the jail. The rest of the booking process could take up a few hours to complete. No bail bondsman will be able to bail out an inmate until this process is completed and the jailer clears the inmate for bail. The first part of the booking process is basically gathering all of the information in order to identify the inmate.


The jailer will ask the defendant questions regarding his or her name, date of birth, and distinguishing factors about the inmate. The jailer will then send the inmate to take a photo and input all of this information into the Los Angeles County Database. After that is completed, the jailer will send the inmate’s fingerprints to the Department of Justice so that they could run the defendant’s prints through a system called Live Scan. This machine helps police departments and jails communicate with the Department of Justice and allow them to run inmate’s fingerprints through multiple departments and states much quicker.


The jailer will not clear the inmate for bail until he or she has received the results from this Live Scan. Our bondsman at Fullerton Bail Bonds will be in constant contact with the jailer in order to get updates on the inmate, so that we will know the second the defendant is cleared for bail. Once that does happen, the bondsman will then post the bond to the jailer, who will make sure that all of the information is filled out correctly and will then begin the jail release process. The jail release process could take anywhere from half an hour to several hours depending on how busy the jail is at that time.


When the defendant is finally released from jail, our bondsman will be waiting in the lobby of the jail and will explain everything to the inmate as well as have him or her sign some paperwork. The bondsman will then hand either the indemnitor or the defendant a receipt that will contain all of the necessary court information that the defendant will need in order to show up to court at the correct time and date. As long as the inmate shows up to all of the court dates and has paid the bail premium in full, then the bail bond process is complete.

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