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The Bail Bonds Process in Fullerton.


The city of Fullerton resides in the Greater Los Angeles County, which means that the jail in the city of Fullerton follows the rules and guidelines of Los Angeles Sheriff’s department. When you or your loved one is arrested in the city of Fullerton, they will usually be taken to the Fullerton Police department, which is located at 237 W Commonwealth Fullerton, CA 92832.


If the inmate suffers from any medical condition or has any special needs, then they will be taken to the Los Angeles County Jail. This makes our job harder and it may take much longer to get your loved one out of jail. When the inmate arrives at the jail, they will be booked and added to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Database. Once the initial booking process is completed, then the defendant will be taken to complete the fingerprinting process, which is done via the Live Scan machine.


The purpose of this essential step is so the jailer could determine if the inmate has any outstanding warrants or is wanted by any other agency. The jailer cannot complete the jail release process in the city of Fullerton without getting the results from the LiveScan machine first. Once the jailer clears the inmate for bail, our agents at Bail Bonds Fullerton will turn in the paperwork to the jailer so that he or she could verify all of the information in the paperwork.


Once the paperwork is verified, your loved one will be in your custody in no later than half an hour and then you will receive an official receipt that includes the defendant’s court date, time, and the address of the courthouse. It is important that the defendant appears to court on the date and time assigned to him or her, which is why our agent will follow up with you and make sure that the defendant appears to court.

Fullerton Bail Bonds



Our local agents at Bail Bonds Fullerton are always available, which allows us to better serve all of the residents in every part of the city as well as the residents of the surrounding cities. Our agents are highly trained and are some of the best agents in the industry. Our office is open twenty four hours a day seven days a week and our secretary will be more than happy to help you with what you need whether it is to speak to a bail bond agent or to get some ....

How bail bonds work in Fullerton, CA!
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