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The beautiful city of Fullerton is part of the great county of Los Angeles. For that reason, the Fullerton Police Department and Jail, follow the rules and guidelines of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. The Fullerton Police Department is located at 237 W Commonwealth Fullerton, CA 92832.

When someone is arrested is being transferred to the Police Department mentioned above, except if he has any serious medical issues where in that case, he is transferred to the Los Angeles County Jail. That unfortunately is going to make our job harder. When the arrestee arrives to the Police Station, they will confiscate his/her belongings for safekeeping and then they will start the booking process by adding his personal information and his pictures to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s database.

The next step is to with help of the Live Scan machine to send the defendant’s fingerprints to the Department of Justice database so that they can make sure that he/she has no pending warrants or any other issues with any other law agency. Until the results are back to the Jailer, he or she cannot clear the inmate for bail and the defendant must remain to jail. The waiting time usually is 45 minutes to several hours. When the jailer takes on his hands the results, he or she, will clear the defendant for bail. That’s when our agent is going to turn in the paperwork necessary to the Jailer to verify it and your loved one to be released under your custody. The time needed for the release is between 30 minutes and several hours depending how busy the jailer is.

Our agent is going to give you an official receipt with all the case details such as court dates and times. It is very essential and the defendant to be present at the court dates and for that reason our agent is going to continue to co-operate with you and make sure that your loved one appears to court.

Fullerton Bail Bonds



Here at Bail Bonds Fullerton, our highly trained and experienced agents, are available to serve the beautiful city of Fullerton and its citizen at any time and any day. They are well respected and they work 24/7 without rest until the bring back to you your loved one as fast as possible and without complications or problems.

They are available even just to give you some advices or information about the bail bond process so that you can understand everything.

Don’t wait anymore, make the call and we will gladly be here for you!

How bail bonds work in Fullerton, CA!
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